BPL Live Score: The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2023 is in full swing, with the first match of the tournament being played on Friday, the 6th of January. The league has 17 teams competing for the trophy, each consisting of talented cricketers and a dedicated fan base. For the latest update on Jobs, stay in touch with our website MCFRecruitment!!!!

BPL 2023 Live Score

BPL Live Score 2023

The tournament has seen an increase in popularity over the years, with fans eagerly awaiting the fixtures and match results. Today’s first match will take place between Fortune Barishal and Sylhet Strickers at the Shree Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka. The previous match saw Dhaka Comilla claim victory against their opponents with a 60-run lead.

BPL 2023 Team Names

Chattogram Challengers 
Comilla Victorians 
Dhaka Dominators 
Fortune Barishal 
Khulana Tigers 
Rangpur Riders
Sylhet Strikers

The tournament has already seen some nail-biting finishes and outstanding performances from players, making it an exciting time for cricket fans in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country with a rich cricketing tradition, having produced some of the world’s most talented cricketers over the years.

TATA IPL 2023 Schedule

BPL 2023 Match Fixtures

Phase 1

1st Match 6th January 2023Chattogram Challengers (89/9) Vs Sylhet Strikers (90/2) Sylhet Strikers Won By 8 Wickets
2nd Match 6th January 2023Rangpur Riders (176/5) Vs Comilla Victorians (142)Rangpur Riders Won By 34 Runs
3rd Match 7th January 2023Khulna Tigers (113/8) Vs Dhaka Dominators (117/4)Dhaka Dominators Won By 6 Wickets
4th Match7th January 2023Fortune Barishal (194/7) Vs Sylhet Strikers (196/4)Sylhet strikers Won By 6 Wickets
5th Match9th January 2023Comilla Victorians (149/6) Vs Sylhet Strikers (150/5)Sylhet strikers Won By 5 Wickets
6th Match9th January 2023 Khulna Tigers (178/5) Vs Chattogram Challengers (179/1) Chattogram Won By 9 Wickets
7th Match10th January 2023Rangpur Riders (158/7) Vs Fortune Barishal (162/4)Fortune Won By 6 Wickets
8th Match 10th January 2023 Sylhet Strikers (201/8) Vs Dhaka Dominators (139) Sylhet Won By 62 Runs
Table Source:Purneauniversity.Org

Phase 2

9th Match 13th January 2023 Chattogram Challengers (176/4) Vs Fortune Barishal (202/7)Fortune Barishal Won By 26 Runs
10th Match 13th January 2023 Rangpur Riders(131/6) Vs Khulana Tigers (130)Rangpur Riders Won By 4 Wickets
11th Match 14th January 2023Fortune Barishal (177/6) Vs Comilla Victorians (165/7)Fortune Barishal Won By 15 Runs
12th Match14th January 2023Dhaka Dominators (158/6) Vs Chattogram Challengers (159/2)Chattogram Won By 8 Wickets
13th Match16th January 2023Dhaka Dominators (128/7) Vs Sylhet Strikers (134/5)Sylhet Strikers Won By 5 Wickets
14th Match 16th January 2023Chattogram Challengers (135/8) Vs Comilla Victorians (137/4)Comilla Won By 6 Wickets
15th Match17th January 2023Rangpur Riders (129) Vs Khulana Tigers (130/1)Khulna Won By 9 Wickets
16th Match17th January 2023Sylhet Strikers (133/7) Vs Comilla Victorians (134/5)Comilla Won By 5 Wickets
17th Match19th January 2023Comilla Victorians (184/4) Vs Dhaka Dominators (151/4)Comilla Won By 33 Runs
18th Match 19th January 2023Fortune Barishal (238/4) Vs Rangpur Riders (171/9)Fortune Won By 67 Runs
19th Match20th January 2023Chattogram Challengers (157/9) Vs Khulna Tigers (159/3)Khulna Won By 7 Wickets
20th Match20th January 2023Fortune Barishal (173/5) Vs Dhaka Dominators (160/4)Fortune Won By 13 Runs
Table Source:Purneauniversity.Org

Phase 3 

21st Match 23rd January 2023Rangpur Riders (179/6) Vs Chattogram Challengers (124)Rangpur Riders Won By 55 Runs
22nd Match23rd January 2023Comilla Victorians (164/6) Vs Dhaka Dominators (104/9)Comilla Won By 60 Runs
23rd Match24th January 2023Fortune Barishal Vs Sylhet StrikersTo Be Played Soon
24th Match 24th January 2023 Dhaka Dominator Vs Khulna TigersTo Be Played Soon
Table Source:Purneauniversity.Org

The BPL has become an important platform for the country’s aspiring cricketers. Providing them with an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against some of the best players in the country. The league has also provided a platform for international players to come and play in Bangladesh, further popularizing the sport in the country.

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However, despite its growing popularity, the BPL has yet to reach the level of recognition and fan following of the Indian Premier League (IPL). There are several reasons why the BPL has not been able to match the success of the IPL. The Sylhet Strikers are currently at the top of the points table in the Bangladesh Premier League 2023.

BPL 2023 Points Table
Team NameTotal Matches PlayedWon MatchesLost Matches
1.Fortune Barishal651
2.Sylhet Strikers651
3.Comilla Victorians743
4.Chattogram Challengers725
5.Rangpur Riders633
6.Khulna Tigers523
7.Dhaka Dominators716

The team has been impressive so far and has won a majority of their matches, securing a spot at the top. Sylhet Strikers have a strong batting line-up and a well-balanced team with a mix of experienced and young players. Their captain, Nasir Hossain, has been leading from the front and

Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF

Has been instrumental in guiding the team to victories. With his all-around skills, he has been making a significant contribution to the team’s success. Firstly, the IPL has a much larger budget, which allows it to attract the best international players and provide a more exciting experience for fans.

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Secondly, The IPL has a much larger media presence, with more coverage and advertisements in the press, which has helped it to reach a wider audience. Finally, the IPL has a well-established brand, which has been built up over the years and is now synonymous with high-quality cricket.


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