Pathan Movie Complete Box Office Collection: Pathaan of SRK has been one of the most awaited and also the most loved movie of all time. While after four years of not being in the industry, king khan returned and it can be said that this comeback was worthwhile as the film has been performing well. For the latest update on Jobs, stay in touch with our website MCFRecruitment!!!!

Pathan Movie Day 1,2 & 3 Box Office Collection

Pathan Movie

While in the past few days of the release of the movie it ash been performing well and its collection so far has been impressive. On the other hand, it can be said that it made records, and has also been watched more than expected despite the backlash it was facing before its release. Stay tuned as we discussed in detail the gross collection that the movie has made so far.

Pathan Movie Complete Box Office Collection

So far the movie has been doing well, while the movie was released on the 25th of January 2023, Wednesday, in the past three days, the movie got over 300 crore collection, while the collection was high in the first two days, the collection went down a  bit on Friday as it was a business day.

While the movie has been doing well at the weekend now. Speaking of the full collection of this movie, then it was termed the highest-grossing opening weekend in the history of Indian cinema while, on the other hand, the collections were given as follows, the film collected 201 crores on the first day of opening with 16 crores net worth and 112 crore gross.

Pathan Movie India & Worldwide Collection

Speaking of the collections of the movie, then it is been said that the movie made over 73 crores on the second day of the movie’s release and on the third day the movie made over 38 crores as it was a Friday and a business day as well. It is much expected by the reviewers that the movie will be making high profits on the weekend as the fans are highly awaiting the movie and they have been waiting for the weekend as well.

Another source mentioned that the movie will make over 250 crores net cross across this weekend as this movie is released on weekdays and the movie will run across its first weekend. In the past few days, the Bollywood industry has been at a low as the movie has not been impressing its audience. Though Srk’s movie, Pathaan has been coming back after four years, his fans and Indians overall are much awaiting the movie.

Pathan Movie Box Office Collection

If the movie now collects over 300 crores this weekend or over 250 crores then this movie will become one of the highest-grossed movies of all time in Indian cinema history. In the first two days of collection the movie grossed over 219.6 crores worldwide which is a huge collection and SRK’s team mentioned that the movie is the only film to breach the 100 crores barrier in two consecutive days.

As said earlier, this movie has bought back the wild collections in the Indian movie collections, while the last movie that has made the highest collections was from South India, named KGF which made 193 crores during its 4 days collections. While before it the last movie that collected

Such a huge amount was Sultan of Salman Khan. For over a year, the Bollywood movie industry has faced much lower contexts in the collections, so if Pathaan does better this week, this movie will become the highest-grossed movie making history in Indian cinema and make a huge profit as well


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