USB Charging Bracelet: A USB Charging Bracelet gives you hustle free portable charging cable. But what is fun about it? You must be wondering that all cables are portable so why a charging bracelet? Well, yes, all cables are portable. We often put our USB cables in bags or somewhere we forget. It is misplaced easily. For the latest update on Jobs, stay in touch with our website MCFRecruitment!!!!

Best USB Charging Bracelet

Best USB Charging Bracelet

The best thing is to wear it. This USB charging Bracelet is a bracelet cum charger. When you are not charging any device, you can wear it as a bracelet. Otherwise, you remove it and use it as a charger. It has one side that enables you to connect with PowerPoint. The other one will help you to connect to your device. Today we will discuss a very popular USB Charging Bracelet. This is known as Armilo Bracelet Charger.

Armilo Bracelet Charger Price

The price is affordable for Indian consumers. You can buy it for ₹699/bracelet from its official website. The best thing is it is easily available on the websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can also buy it from the official website of Armilo.

The official website is

Why You Should Buy Armilo Bracelet Charger?

The bracelet is stylish. It comes with a proper bracelet look. No one can judge whether you are wearing a USB charger or a bracelet. The best thing is its design. You will get a black color leather covering for the bracelet. The bracelet is available for both Type C and iPhone charges.

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It is waterproof and dustproof. You can wear it like a normal bracelet in water and the outdoors. It comes with one year warranty. The leather is PU leather which is safe for the skin. While the metal alloy is Zinc. It comes with different certifications like FCC and CE certifications.

Benefits You Get After Buying USB Charging Bracelet From The Official Website

The first and best benefit is no delivery charges. You don’t have to pay any delivery charge if you buy from Armilo. You can replace it in 4-5 days if you get defected product. The hustle-free delivery experience will make you love the brand.

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USB Charging Bracelet Extra Features

The bracelet comes with a magnetic bar that keeps it close and fits your wrist. You don’t need to worry about losing it from your hand. It is one of the best-rated products in USB Bracelet Chargers. The charger supports fast charging. You can charge all types

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Of phones with this USB bracelet. This is all for the USB charging bracelet. You will get more such updates on our website. Stay tuned for more reviews about the electronics you prefer to buy. Thank you for reading. You can read our other articles too from below mentioned link.


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